Well I never!!!

After going through chemo, more drugs and radiotherapy my body and bones are in bad shape. I have severe spinal stenosis, cervical ankylosing spondylitis and a collapsed coccyx. This, along with peripheral neuropathy in my feet and hands, has made life extremely painful and sleep completely elusive.
I’m from the generation that thought drugs were well off limits. I have read so much about cannabis and the benefits but never thought I would ever take it. However, unable to control my pain, desperation made me take a leap of faith right into Kannaponica’s wide open, kind and helpful arms.
I am now using CBD 3g cream to rub into my back and CBD oil, in pill form, every night.
NOW for the very best part of all this……………..I am now sleeping for 6/7 hours straight through. I am no longer afraid of going to bed because the pain was really bad and I couldn’t get comfortable. Pain levels are now very manageable and night holds no terror for me.
I am completely converted to the benefits of Cannabis and ‘well I never’ thought that would happen!!

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