My name is LMM. I am 73 years old, and was diagnosed with COPD,  a degenerating lung disease in 2004.  I was stable with conventional medicine for 12 years, but was still very debilitated with difficulty going up steps and minor hills.      In early 2016 my symptoms got considerably worse to the extent that I spent 6 months on oxygen 18/24 and a total of 10 weeks in hospital.

That same year I  joined 2 online groups “Cannabis is my Medicine” and “COPD and Cannabis a New Beginning” where I learnt about the healing properties of cannabis and got a lot of useful advice from the experiences of the other members both local and around the world.  The advice included exercise – which I had thought I was unable to do because of my shortness of breath – and taking cannabis oil which they highly recommended, but was very hard to source in Spain.

In September 2016 I joined the Kannaponica Association in Albox which gave me access to Cannabis Oil and the monthly meetings with other members of ‘Cannabis is my Medicine’   group.     With the combination of exercise and cannabis oil my health has never been better and I have had 2 years free of the need for oxygen and hospital visits for my COPD.   My O2 levels are around 94-96 whereas before the norm was 85-90.

My deepest thanks go to Jean Willows Denbigh ‘Cannabis is my Medicine’, Stacey and Brian Brooks ‘Kannaponica Association’ and Mike Schroeder ‘COPD and Cannabis a New Beginning’  for their invaluable advice, help and support.




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